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At PSI, we have a long tradition of innovative thinking. In fact, innovation is the key to our continued success.   It is our focus on acting today to maintain awareness on tomorrows needs, that allows us to anticipate and deliver projects and services in a way that links PSI directly to the future.

Our many years of service and assistance to federal agencies have given us a clear understanding of the challenges agencies face and meet every day, as well as their accountability, reporting, and responsiveness requirements.

With our diverse resources and proven track record with successful implementation and managing major initiatives, PSI provides consistent, reliable, and efficient management and technical support to the federal government, Public Utilities, Private industries and commercial entities.

Anti Terrorism/Force
 Protection (AT/FP)

 Public Utilities &National

Innovative Technology

Department of Defense (DoD)
Department of Energy (DoD)
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Federal Aviation Agency (FAA)
Army Corp of Engineers

Pacific Northwest (PNNL)
Sandia (SNL)
Lawrence Livermore (LLNL)
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
General Electric (GE)
US Steel

Low Temperature Thermal Desorption (LTTD)
Space Launch Complexes
Radiation Portal Monitor Program (RPMP)
Strategic Surveillance Systems (S3)
Crash Recovery and Restoration

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util utility

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PSI provides cost effective, comprehensive and turn-key technical services focused on delivering efficient solutions that minimize client risk and are readily acceptable to the regulatory community.

PSI’s Primary Service Areas:

PSI General Qualifications SOQ

Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing (MEP)

Industrial Process Controls

Construction Services

Environmental Services

Specialized Engineering Services

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