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PSI provides a complete range of environmental services including:

Remediation - PSI’s remediation teams are highly trained and experienced in a wide variety of projects. Services include Private (Brownsfield) and Federal (BRAC) redevelopment, decontamination, decommissioning, RCRA and non-RCRA contaminated soil and water treatment, site remediation, site stabilization, excavation, disposal and specialized industrial services.


Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring (OM&M) - PSI’s operations specialists have experience in a wide variety of treatment processes. Examples range from metals precipitation, air stripping, air sparging, soil vapor extraction, advanced oxidation, to activated sludge and activated carbon. This expertise has resulted in improved performance of treatment system and remedial strategies to the point that facility operations can be optimized, thereby reducing cleanup time and saving money.


Water & Wastewater - PSI has extensive experience in the field of industrial water and wastewater treatment and system operation. Clients range from federal and state governmental agencies to Fortune 100 companies. PSI has successfully evaluated and implemented treatment programs for industrial and municipal Sewage systems, Solid waste facilities, industrial treatment and pre-treatment plants, food processing, environmental remediation systems, Federal facility overland discharges and metal products industries.


Total Sewer Management - Inspection, Cleaning, and Rehabilitation - At PSI we offer a comprehensive, technical approach to sewer system maintenance. PSI is a full service industrial cleaning company. We pride ourselves in offering turnkey, cradle to grave services for many of our clients’ needs. Our turnkey Sewer Services are one of those areas where we can be of service every step of the way. We rehabilitate municipal and industrial sewers, storm drains and structures using state-of-the-art Trenchless Repair methods. We also work with you to meet your infrastructure maintenance needs while controlling costs and maintaining your production schedules.


PSI provides cost effective, comprehensive and turn-key technical services focused on delivering efficient solutions that minimize client risk and are readily acceptable to the regulatory community.

PSI’s Primary Service Areas:

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Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing (MEP)

Industrial Process Controls

Construction Services

Environmental Services

Specialized Engineering Services

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